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13 Colonies Cryptogram


Students will be able to compare and contrast the differences between the northeastern colonies, the middle colonies, and the southern colonies before the American Revolution.  After reading and annotating a short passage, students will answer 10 questions to unscramble a cryptogram key and solve a mystery code.

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  1. Jennifer H.

    We completed the activity on Tuesday [high school juniors]. It took about 35 minutes.
    Students had the following feedback:
    Overall, they liked the activity. The directions were easy to understand and clear, the assignment was easy to complete (insofar as they understood and could apply the directions, and the reading passage was appropriate).

    The one thing they did not like was that the spelling has to be specific.

    This is not a strong group of learners so I was glad to hear they were able to follow the directions and did not have an issue there. I am not surprised about spelling complaints because their spelling is generally weak.
    -Dr. Jennifer H.

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