The EdTech Nerds Holiday Gift Guide

 Build Your Community

It’s the holiday season and the EdTech Nerds are in full cheer!

To kick off the season, being such a gadget Nerd, I’m putting together a series of gift guides focused on each of the EdTech Nerds Five Pillars: Creativity, Community, Mindfulness, Efficacy, and Efficiency. Each post contains some thoughtful ideas for fun and useful gifts you can give to your fellow educators (or yourself) to help bring a little more joy to all of your second semesters.

This series of posts are our top picks for each pillar. For our entire collection of recommended gadgets and gizmos, check out our Wakelet collection here.

These posts are not sponsored by any of the products listed. All Amazon links, however, are affiliate links.


You are not alone. Your job can be extremely hard sometimes, but you don’t have to do it by yourself.

Working with teachers is the best part of my job. You’re the best people and are the greatest community to be a part of. Don’t forget how helpful you can be to each other.

This is why we’ve added these gadgets to our shopping list, so you can stay in touch and build better connections within our community, get the help you need, and possibly help others along the way.

Portable Selfie Stand

There are selfie sticks and tripods, then there’s the portable, extendable selfie stand for mobile phones. This particular item is from one of those weirdly named companies that you only ever find on Amazon, but I promise you the product is pretty cool.

We have a set of 8 of these for teachers to check out and use in their classrooms so students can use their phones to record videos for a multitude of different projects, and there’s a waiting list. Because of the way these stands can be folded, bent, and extended, you can use them for standup camera work, turn your phone into a document camera, or anything in between. The weighted base keeps it stable, although it can be a bit precarious without a stable footing if you extend it to its fullest height.

It has front and back side LED lights with adjustable color temperature (unfortunately no RGB). It also has a rechargeable battery and bluetooth remote so you can operate it solo to take pics or record videos. 

There are several brands of these available. The one we have experience with is the Viozon Extendable Selfie Stand, available at Amazon for around $50.

An adjustable phone holding selfie stand with a heavy thick white base, a telescoping pole and a flat white clip at the top with built in LED lights.
A white rectangular battery box with a fold out kickstand on the back for charging phones through a mag-safe connection.

U by UAG Magsafe 18W Portable Charger

Most of my teachers are always on the go. Some don’t have their own classroom while others are just always up and around. Coaches don’t necessarily have a desk to call home either. Many teachers and admins also have a multitude of extended days attending after school events like sports, plays, concerts, and more.

To stay connected through those extended days without spending time anchored to an outlet, your phone might need a little extra juice. For this, we highly recommend the U by UAG Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger. This 18 watt power bank is compatible with any mag-safe wireless charging device. It’s slim enough to slip into a pocket or purse while attached to your phone without getting bulky and carries enough power to fully charge your phone once from nearly empty. It also has a very convenient fold-out stand to hold your phone up on a table top in both portrait and landscape.

It charges via USB-C and can also charge another device through a USB cable if necessary. 

I’ve had mine for almost 2 years and it still works great.

Available in black, marshmallow, and orchid, you can get your U by UAG Power Bank at Amazon for around $50.

EdTech Nerds Gift Guide Highlights:

Don’t miss the rest of the guide. Click on the Pillars below to find the rest of our Gift Guide.


Cultivate a positive and focused learning environment with products designed to promote mindfulness and well-being.


Strengthen connections with collaborative tools and resources that foster a sense of belonging in your classroom.


Inspire imagination and innovation with tools that encourage students to think outside the box and express their creativity.


Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Make sure you know and can show that your efforts are highly effective.


Streamline your workflow with tech solutions that make administrative tasks more efficient, giving you more time for what matters most – teaching.