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Transform your educational journey with our thoughtful and engaging professional development. At EdTech Nerds, we empower educators to embrace efficiency, improve efficacy, inspire creativity, and cultivate a supportive community.

Our Mindful Approach: Rooted in mindfulness practices, our approach goes beyond conventional training. We focus on alleviating stress, abating burnout, and fostering mental and physical well-being.

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This has truly been the most personally and professionally worthwhile and remarkable workshop that I have ever taken in my 43 years as an educator. I’m just sorry that I wasn’t exposed to the “Cultivating Calm” workshop presentations and videos earlier in my teaching career.

–Anthony B.


This course was so motivating and engaging. The presenter clearly explained the techniques and kept the audience captivated with the process, in relation cultivating calm in students and also striving to improve your own personal goals.

–Deborah S.


I attended your presentation on digital portfolios and was amazed at the missed opportunities I had in my classroom. I’m extremely grateful for all of the information and have already joined your facebook group in anticipation of new knowledge that I can apply for the future success of my students!

–Spencer P.

Elevate Your Teaching with the

Daily Planner for the Mindful Teacher

Your Gateway to a Stress-Free, Mindful Teaching Experience


🍎 Community | 🎨 Creativity | 🧘 Mindfulness
🚀 Efficiency | 📊 Efficacy

Teaching is not just a job; it’s a calling.

Introducing our Daily Planner for the Mindful Teacher – designed to align with the EdTech Nerds Five Pillars: Community, Creativity, Mindfulness, Efficiency, and Efficacy.


  1. Mindful Daily Reflections: Begin and end each day with purpose.
  2. Weekly Intentions: Prioritize tasks with your well-being in focus.
  3. Monthly Goal Setting: Define and celebrate your achievements.
  4. Wellness Check-ins: Regularly assess stress levels and recharge.
  5. Mindful Teaching Tips: Practical insights for a positive classroom experience.

The Mindful Advantage:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced Well-being
  • Improved Work-Life Balance

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